International Society for Testate Amoeba Research Mission

The overall objective of the Society is to promote and stimulate all branches of testate amoeba studies throughout the world, for the benefit of scientists and (the education of) the public.

In order to achieve this general objective ISTAR will:

  • maintain a website to facilitate the exchange of information amongst researchers studying testate amoebae, to inform members of meetings, and to provide a forum for discussion on all aspects of testate amoebae, including their biology, ecology, taxonomy, and evolutionary history.
  • organize, in cooperation with other scientific bodies (e.g. research institutes, universities), a biannual conference - assist young scientists, or scholars without material means, to attend the biannual meeting.
  • to do whatever other lawful actions are deemed necessary to attain the above objectives.

Although currently an informal organization we anticipate establishing ourselves as a formal society by June 2013.


Difflugia capreolata, 280 ยตm long - photomicrograph Ferry Siemensma

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